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Vorgan, an interstellar bounty hunter, is from the planet Daxx in a distant galaxy (he must really have a fast spaceship to travel all the way to the Milky Way galaxy). He appeared in The Brave and the Bold #139 (Jan-Feb 1978) in the story “Requiem for a Top Cop!” by writer Bob Haney, artist Jim Aparo and colorist Jerry Serpe. Vorgan has a strict sense of justice and will seek out, for a price, those guilty of crimes who have escaped justice. He has a reputation for never failing to get anyone he is sent after. Intergalactic Law (not sure who writes these laws) states that anyone who interferes with him as he seeks his bounty breaks the law and puts a bounty on their own life.

Vorgan travels from planet to planet seeking his bounty in a well-equipped, orange-colored, sleek spaceship. He masquerades as a native of whatever planet he is on so as not to alarm the populace that there is an alien among them. He can fly and his body is incredibly tough, able to withstand at least a bullet shot.

Vorgan came into conflict with Batman and Hawkman when he came to Earth seeking Commissioner James Gordan in Gotham City. As a rookie cop, Gordan had in self-defense killed an alien named Laz, who was later discovered to be secretly working on Earth with criminal Orson Delacorte. After several encounters with Batman and Hawkman while trying to kill Gordan, Vorgan became impressed with Gordan’s bravery and sense of duty and released himself from his vow to kill Gordan.

Vorgan Quote: “Now speak your final prayers to whatever gods you revere – for Vorgan the Bounty Hunter has never failed to punish those who transgress against the Galactic Law.”

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