Monday, October 15, 2007

VAN-JON of the Planet of Two Suns


Van-Jon, the lawman from the Planet of Two Suns, first appeared in World's Finest Comics #114 in December 1960 in a story entitled "Green Arrow's Alien Ally." The script was by Ed Herron and pencils and inks by Lee Elias.

Van-Jon was tracking his enemy Ankov, a criminal from the Asteroid of Giants, who had escaped to Earth to steal diamonds, which would amplify his powers of shooting paralyzing force ray beam from his fingers and eyes. Ankov was thwarted by the combined efforts of Van-Jon, Green Arrow and Speedy.

Van-Jon (and apparently all from the Planet of Two Suns) are only inches high, and those from the Asteroid of Giants are the same size as humans. Van-Jon carries a gun that fires a paralyzing gas, has super-strength, and travels in a space ship. Nothing else is know of Van-Jon and his planet, and he is never seen again.


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