Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DYNO-MAN of Sorrta


In the May 1968 Superman #206, "The Day Superman Became an Assassin", we are introduced to Dyno-Man. Dyno-Man is apparently an old friend of Superman, having shared previous untold adventures together, such as when they teamed up against the Space-Demons on Centauri 6. Dyno-Man is the premiere hero on his world, and has a vast array of abilities, all eminating from his "power-fingers." He can shoot freeze-beams, heat-beams, force-beams, blue attractor-beams and blade-beams, and fly using propulsion-beams. In the story, the people of Sorrta hold a celebration in honor of Dyno-Man, but it is really an elaborate plot by the planet's head of security-police Dramon to kill Dyno-Man and place the blame on Superman, thus taking control of the planet.

Sorrta, like most planets except Earth in the DC Universe, has futuristic technology including the following:

- Space missiles that can explode to give "space messages"
- Monitors that watch the area of space near their planet
- A neutralizing "Red Sun" belt, capable of zapping Superman's power
- Flying Jet Cycles
- Life-like androids

The law-enforcement agency of the planet is the Security-Police, armed with ray guns. Their headquarters have energi-cells with force-bars to prevent escape by prisoners. A common punishment for serious offenses is "death by metalizer", a machine that transforms people into metal.

Another prominent citizen of Sorrta is lawyer Rilora Dorc. She defended Superman when he was falsely accused of Dyno-Man's murder.

Sorrta is host to the Karg-beasts, winged dragon-like creatures that occasionally attack the Sorrtanese people. There is also a rock monster that inhabits the "Tunnel of No Return" preying on those who enter.

When under duress, common sayings by the people are "Great Garmu!" and "Great Lords of Sorrta!"


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